Poll – Favorite Shaft Anime Series?


Undoubtedly one of the most progressive and influential animation studios of our time, Shaft has brought to us many extravagant, flashy, and sometimes even thought-provoking/traumatizing series since its debut in 2000. Its ability to push the envelope in ways that aren’t seen anywhere else in the industry has left a large impression on the anime community.

That being said, we wanna know what your personal favorite Shaft series is. For the sake of simplicity, we left out joint works with other studios. For a lot of people, I can see this being a tough decision to make.

2 responses to “Poll – Favorite Shaft Anime Series?

  1. Shaft is together with Kyoto Animation one of my absolute favorite Animation Studios and even though their shows often have flaws and may even be pretentious, I don’t even care! I would love to say Monogatari at this point, as it holds the most influence by shaft, but I just can’t ignore Madoka Magika as it is my absolutel favorite Anime of all time…

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