News – ‘Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem’ Trailer, Character Names

In today’s Nintendo Direct, a new trailer confirmed that the Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem crossover project first announced in 2013 is still in development, and my goodness does it look spectacular. Titled Genei Ibunroku#FE (幻影異聞録#FE) meaning Illusory Revelations sharpFE, the project aims to take Fire Emblem‘s fantasy theme and reimagine it in a modern setting typical of SMT games. Even Super Smash Bros. couldn’t convince me to go out and buy a Wii U, but this trailer has me looking out for Wii U deals between now and the game’s release.

Not even an hour after its announcement, a massive wave of dissenters has come crashing down on this game with the most common complaint being that this game looks nothing like SMT or Fire Emblem. If they were expecting a more direct crossover, like Hyrule Warriors, Pokemon Conquest, or Etrian Mystery Dungeon, then I suppose these people aren’t wrong for being disappointed. After all, that’s exactly what the original trailer hinted at. It’s true that we’re not getting an explicit franchise crossover, but I have to ask, how is an original marriage of concepts from both series not more exciting than simply throwing two series into the same game? I think the approach taken here requires a lot more creativity and is just way more exciting.


I love the style of this game. Fire Emblem‘s art design has always been superb, except maybe the now cheesy-looking 90s character designs of the original NES games, but strict fantasy can grow stale after awhile. That’s why I appreciate how much detail was put into these designs to create an interesting modern aesthetic. The red-haired cavalier rides a motorcycle, while the main blue-haired lord sports a spiffy, frilled jacket. Let’s not forget the pegasus knight’s jet pegasus. There even appears to be a mage character, from an icon with a staff on it seen in the battle HUD, as well as an archer-class character. While we never see the above short-haired girl in battle, I bet she turns out to be a thief-class character. To anyone who says this looks nothing like SMT or Fire Emblem, I think you’re not looking hard enough.

I’m unbelievably excited for this game, and I can’t wait to see what other game mechanics will be employed. Since Atlus is developing the game, it mainly takes after SMT‘s gameplay, namely Persona by the looks of it, but I wonder if and how mainstay Fire Emblem mechanics like character recruitment, weapon affinity, and class changes will be incorporated.

Character names:

Blue-haired Male Protagonist: Aoi Itsuki (蒼井樹)

Pegasus Knight: Oribe Tsubasa (織部つばさ)

Red-haired Cavalier: Akagi Totori (赤城斗鳥)

Pony-tailed Pop Star: Kurono Kiria (黒乃霧亜)

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