Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 04

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We start out our journey with Recruit and Nino taking a three-hour long walk down to the river’s mouth. Recruit makes feeble attempts at keeping the trip from being boring and the walk can only be described as awkward with a relief filled ending as they finally reach the river’s mouth. One of the boats is stuck on a sign post and Recruit wade out to set it free. With a heavy current and some trials getting it free, actions speak louder than words as the gesture of setting the grass boat free resonates with Nino and gives Recruit a feeling of accomplishment. I am really starting to get into this romance between Recruit and Nino as you can see a heart warming lining in this crazy story. On the other end, the bridge has a new resident by the name of Stella. Stella is a young lady who grew up in the orphanage that Sister worked at when he was overseas. While Sister tries to figure out what to do with her, Recruit has come back just in time to look after her. Stella appears to be your average young lady, but this is Arakawa Under the Bridge. Stella has been trained by Sister and uses her skills to beat up Recruit. After this happens, Sister takes Recruit on a journey to the bridge’s local farm. At the farm we meet Maria who seems like your average beautiful farm girl, until you hear the way she talks to the men. Maria begins insulting the men with vicious words and a casual tone. Sister is luckily unaffected until Maria calls him boring and Sister’s scar begins to bleed and he collapses. Do not underestimate the effect an aggressive female character can have on my opinion of the show. The hilarity and unexpected twist that this brings to the table is something that I love and it is what has officially put this series over the top.

Some men just can't handle the words of women.

Some men just can’t handle the words of women.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Maria has officially sold this series to me. We are starting to get more character development for people who aren’t Recruit and that is very interesting because the bridge residents are pretty interesting. The romantic element is starting to shape up which is really nice and is giving the main story a good feel. I am on board for the episodes to come.

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