Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 05

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What can I say other than the back story between Sister and Maria is great. Maria was the strongest enemy that Sister had ever encountered on the battlefield in his military days. Maria gave Sister his scar and stole his heart. Your classic ridiculous love story may not warm the heart, but it will confuse you in a good way. Men can be weak around women, even if that weakness doesn’t usually manifest itself in the form of bleeding from a scar on your face. On the other end, the bridge is hosting a welcome party for Stella and Recruit visits P-Ko to get some vegetables. P-Ko is extremely clumsy and does not like Recruit. If being clumsy was too common of a flaw for you to accept in this anime, she also suffers from acting very oddly around the Mayor the Mayor. That along with her attachment to Nino is giving us a mystery about what is truly unique about P-Ko. At the party, Recruit finds out that he is the only member of the bridge that does not provide a service to its members. Sister runs the church and bakes, Nino catches fish, Maria raises the animals, etc. Now feeling as if he owes everyone, Recruit begins to have an asthma attack until Hoshi reveals that he is the local musician. It is at that point that Recruit challenges Hoshi for the position of the bridge’s musician. I am really enjoying this contrast in lifestyles that Recruit has been forced to live through. Going from part of the capitalist world into a place where there is no money and only a primitive form of providing services for others. This has become a great element in the journey that Recruit is going through in the main story as his personality begins to change.

Love hurts sometimes.

Love hurts sometimes.










Current Opinion of the Show:

Once again we are hit with actual story and that is a good thing. At times, comedic a comedic anime series can rely on sketch-like comedy and forget the story, but Arakawa Under the Bridge is anything but that. I need to see the music battle in the next episode.

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