Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 12

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We find out that Recruit is afraid to call his father which does make sense due to his rather odd upbringing. Maria is upset with the level of weak-willed idiocy around her and throws Hoshi and Recruit off the bridge so that Nino can “wish upon some stars” in order to save the village. While this is going on, news reaches Kou’s father that the project to get control of the bridge has hit a snag and decides to go check out things for himself. Call it a parallel, call it poetic justice, call it a rough area, whatever you call it, it is funny and what I am talking about is the fact that Kou’s father has his pants stolen when he reaches the bridge. Much like Kou, his father refuses Nino’s help when his pants are out of reach. Nino finds out that this man wants Kou back and tries to convince him that Kou has changed for the better. We see an unspoken realization that Nino is good for Kou from his father as he walks away from his ringing pants. Nino reaches into those pants to answer the phone to hear the words of a frantic Recruit. Without knowing that he was talking to Nino, Recruit proclaims his happiness and desire to be with Nino forever. This is a very nice moment as you get a sense of acceptance from the father and true love coming from both Recruit’s speech and Nino’s reaction to it. The entire thing is very heart warming.

The Ichinomiya men need to wear better belts.

The Ichinomiya men need to wear better belts.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I love it. The humor doesn’t miss a beat as we get to see yet another corporate man reduced to his boxers with his inability to protect himself. We also get to see some great emotional progress in the relationship between Recruit and Nino which is something I would think most of us are pulling for. The next episode is the season finale and I am looking forward to a good one.

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