Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 10

Blood Lad








What was I expecting from the end of the season? Well, I at least wanted something to think about that I didn’t get from the previous episodes. Did I get anything? You bet I did. Although the things that I got were minor, they have major implications. I am really looking forward to more from this series.

Well, this is awkward.

I was wondering if Fuyumi’s dad simply accepted the fact that his wife was gone and whether or not Fuyumi’s mom cared enough to stay. Well, the three of them had a meeting where it was decided that the mom would go to the demon world. Yanagi decided that he would give up his own happiness in order to raise his daughter normally. That is why Bell’s dad fears and respects Yanagi. Thus, Bell’s dad made Staz swear to only do things based on what Fuyumi wants and not his own selfish desires. That ended up going fairly well, but things were flowing a little differently elsewhere. Staz’s territory was under siege once again and his boys had to take care of it. Luckily, Staz left behind some fairly capable men. I wonder how that will play out going forward. Also, Wolf is on a mission of training/self discovery. He needs to overcome the difference in strength between himself and Staz. Wolf’s fights were going well and he received a letter from Acropolis. I wonder if Wolf Daddy is beefing up his forces in preparation for the upcoming war.

Wolf seems to be a little confused.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoyed what I saw from this series. I was a big fan of the supernatural stuff and the story really grew over time. We are now dealing with something that is larger than a comedy with the goal of resurrecting a young girl. There are special conditions regarding the girl’s life and even a war that is going to be fought. I am pretty excited. Let’s talk about that war really quick. It is pretty obvious that Wolf is being summoned in order to help out his dad in the upcoming war. I know that he is going to accept and it is not because it will seem like his father is finally accepting him. On the contrary, I believe that Wolf ultimately wants to defeat his father, but training with the Acropolis forces and participating in the war is a great opportunity for Wolf to overcome his current limitations. It is pretty clear now that Staz will have to go through Wolf in order to achieve his goals. I am really looking forward to this war.

Time for the next adventure.

Let’s talk about the journey to resurrect Fuyumi. Obviously, Staz is going to be roped into the war because his brother will say something about not being able to resurrect Fuyumi if he is dead. Thus, this part of the story will probably be put on the back burner for now. One thing of note is the fact that they basically solidified the romance between Staz and Fuyumi. It has been pretty obvious for a while now, but the characters themselves have been uncertain in regards to their own feelings. I am guessing that Fuyumi is starting to realize things at a faster pace than Staz, but that is a given. Staz was more worried about his own life than a lot of other things during that very emotional speech that he gave. Well, it’s not like they are trying to hide anything in this series. Oh yeah, I am wondering when Staz’s subordinates are going to jump ship. It looked like most of his boys stopped caring and his two devoted followers are handling things pretty well in his absence. Eventually, I assume that Staz will step down as the leader for good. Why is that? Well, not only is he no longer around, but I am pretty sure that he is going to be the next demon world king. You can’t do it all.

Nice moves shapeshifter.

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