Impression – Kyoukai no Kanata, Episode 06


Episode 06 – “Shocking Pink”

This episode has to be one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. Though, I can tell most people are going to feel divided about it because it feels like a filler, fan-service episode. In a lot of ways it is, and that’s mostly why I liked it so much. Everything else boils down to character development, which I feel that filler episodes (in any series) help a lot with. I guess that stems from my preference for character interactions rather than overarching plot.


Last week, I said I wanted to see more group interactions, and that’s exactly what we got with this episode. Part of me feels like this was arranged by Shindou to get the group closer together by fighting against an impossible yet hilariously harmless youmu. Seriously, of all things to do it just makes its enemies stink.

We also learn quite a bit about our friends this week, like Mirai spending all of her money on bonsai trees. I wonder if she has a blog dedicated to bonsai tree care. In addition, we see that Mitsuki can actually feel strongly about something, when normally she’s passive or ambivalent. When faced with the possibility of going to school a stinking mess, she even manages to call Hiroomi “Onii-chan.” Too bad he wasn’t able to fully enjoy it.


Mitsuki’s quickly climbing up my list of all time favorite anime characters. We just don’t see that level of pure sarcasm in female characters that much. I love how with each failed attempt of fighting the youmu, she suddenly appears in a bubble or in a magical barrier eating a churro. I didn’t even know churros existed in Japan. Seeing her dancing is a huge step away from the calm Mitsuki that we’re used to. Actually, seeing everyone dancing is just odd, and I love it. The series went over the top and ran with it.

I kind of wish they actually showed the time where they practiced together because it looks like they all got a lot closer as a group. But, I guess I’m fine with just imagining exactly how everything went, with the nice little montage. I’m still not too sure why everyone’s wearing a birthday hat, but who am I to challenge true music video artistry? It seems that next week, we’ll be returning to normal plot stuff, which is almost a shame. I say that not because I don’t like the story, but rather because I really like how the characters act in a non-serious setting.


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