Impression – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirit, Episodes 11 and 12








After a lot of deliberation, I have decided to group the final four episodes of Legend of Korra into two posts. The four episodes were shown as two hour-long specials and it basically felt like watching a movie. I watched all four in one sitting and was very surprised by what I saw. In a good way of course.  Would other people do things differently? Probably, but this is my decision and I am feeling especially tired at the moment.

Always believe in Bumi.

Things are not going well. Bolin visited Mako in jail and the guy won’t believe his own brother when it comes to the whole Varrick thing. The guy is obviously to blame for the gang attacks, but money speaks. There is going to be a big event that will premiere the final mover to feature Bolin. Everyone is there and the propaganda film is obviously going after the president. This gets even more literal as water benders show up to capture the president. Things would have been bad had it not been for Bolin steeping in to play the hero in real life. Mako gets released from jail because busting the thugs revealed that Varrick was indeed behind the attacks. Korra found her way back to Republic City, but the president would not move his troops in order to stop the apocalypse. That is right, Unalaq plans on changing the world as we know it. Regardless, Korra and company head to the South Pole in order to aid the South and take down Unalaq. Unfortunately, Korra’s dad was captured and the South had been defeated. Having dark spirits on your side kind of means you win. The new Team Avatar tries to enter the spirit portal, but it is kind of tough to get past a military blockade. Everyone aside from Bumi was captured and that should have been bad. Luckily, the old general used his Sokka-like skills to save the day and the fight continued.

I was really worried about Jinora.

Current Opinion of the Show:

The Legend of Korra always finds a way to step it up a notch at the end of the book. Is that because the climax is about to occur? Yes and no. Yes because there is a lot of good stuff going on right now. I like the siege of the Northern encampment. Things are definitely getting interesting from an action standpoint. I like seeing the bending for sure as the flamboyant bending in this series is pretty damn good if you ask me. I really enjoyed Bolin’s fight against the hired water benders. Maybe that is because I am partial to Bolin. Honestly, I don’t know if Bolin is hatable. He may not be the smartest guy around, but he is a fun guy. I also like Varrick. Even after being thrown into prison the guy finds a way to be cool. I love the fact that the series showed us the power of money. Rich people don’t go through the same prison experience as the other. Was I disappointed at all? I think that Bumi’s attack was a little anti-climactic. Having him take down the base like that makes it look like all of his victories were flukes. I wanted to think that Bumi was more seriously capable than that. He got the job done, but that wasn’t bad I guess.

I love Bolin’s face.

Obviously, things are pretty cool right now, but the series needed to go up from here. Being cool at the end is nice, but things were not always good leading into the climax. Honestly, I wish that some of this quality writing was there earlier. Was the series horrible before this? No, but it definitely wasn’t what it could have been. I am still not over the fact that I am not a fan of Korra and the romance in this series kind of sucks. What is the only thing that I truly enjoyed about the romance in this series? That scene with Korra and Mako after he gets out of jail is a good one. That awkward scene with Korra’s lost memory and the judgmental eyes of everyone around them was pretty damn funny. Honestly, the comedy in this series is probably the biggest tell that the writers are distancing themselves from the original series. Why do I say that? The modern style of the humor seems very foreign to fans of The Last Airbender. The general feeling that I get while watching this series feels very different from the original series and that is not a bad thing. I am really looking forward to watching the conclusion of book two because I think that there isn’t going to be room for a book three. It just feels like book three of The Last Airbender all over again.

That is pretty intense for Nickelodeon.

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