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I am glad that we didn’t spend the entire episode waiting for an overtime to go through. I love watching the basketball, but we have already spent a lot of time on this game. Is it bittersweet to have a game end in a tie? I think that it is more bitter than anything else if you ask me. I hate ties and that is why I like professional basketball and college football. It may be the way that I was raised, but I just like having a clear-cut winner.

I can’t take Hyuuga seriously with that hair.

The episode starts off where we left off in the last one with a bit of a back track. We see Kiyoshi missing the second free throw and the game ending in a tie because Midorima made that clutch block. In order to save time, there are no overtime rules in the tournament and that means that both Seiring and Shutoku are going to receive a tie on their record for the preliminaries. The only way for them to advance now is to win their next games. Shutoku will be fine. It is Seirin that has to take on a crownless king in the next game. add that to the fact that Kiyoshi is having knee problems and we are looking at a big issue. The kids find out about the health issue and Hyuuga takes us into a flashback from last year. There was no basketball club at Seirin and Kiyoshi is trying to start one. Hyuuga would be great for it, but he gave up basketball and bleached his hair. Kiyoshi remains persistant as it is obvious that Hyuuga still loves basketball. They play one-on-one and Hyuuga spills his guts. The guy hates losing and that really got to him in middle school. We know how the story ends, but seeing the old team is pretty cool.

Injuries are the worst part of sports.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoyed this episode. We visited some very important aspects of basketball and we even got to see some character development for people not named Kuroko and Kagami. Let’s start with the present stuff. I am not a fan of ties, but it was a way to make me wrong once again. I said that Seirin had to lose their game against Shutoku in order to have a meaningful game left over. Obviously, Seirin did not lose the game and the fact that it was a tie for both teams means that Seirin has to win their next game in order to advance. I am wrong more than I would like to be, but this does bring up a nice situation. Seirin is facing a crownless king in the next game and Teppei is badly injured. This is going to put a lot of pressure on the other players and it will hopefully emphasize the importance of a bench. Mitobe isn’t a bad player and you can’t rely on one guy in order to carry your team. I am really looking forward to this match.

They are adorable.

The only thing that I was truly begging for was some character development for the other characters in the series. Kagami and Kuroko are cool and all, but it would be nice to see a little something for everyone else. Well, we got that in this episode. There was a flashback initiated to tell the story of how the Seirin basketball team came to be. There was no club before Hyuuga and company showed up. It took the drive of Kiyoshi and the others to set that one up. Losing sucks and it really got to a lot of people in middle school. Having to deal with the Generation of Miracles does that to people. That made Hyuuga give up on basketball and he dyed his hair blonde. We got to see a side of Hyuuga that I was not used to and that was interesting. Also, seeing more of Mitobe and the others is basically necessary at this point. Overall, I am extremely happy to see these developments. Also, the little things that point to a romance between Hyuuga and Riko are always welcome. They are my favorite couple in this series.

That is not a high school basketball score.

One response to “Impression – Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season, Episode 07

  1. I was expecting Seirin to lose as well but with the conclusion of the last episode, I figured a tie was probably on its way. Not such a big deal since this wasn’t exactly one of the big matches to look forward to, and it looks like there’s more intense stuff on the way.

    It was nice getting some Seirin backstory since there was more development for the other members, especially Hyuga and Teppei. It was pretty cool seeing how stuff like the rooftop tradition started at Seirin and I can definitely say I’m enjoying the development S2 is providing for the cast, even if we haven’t gotten any top-tier games yet.

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