Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 06

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The music battle gets interesting as Hoshi’s rock guitar squares off with Recruit’s classical violin. The battle gets intense as the two play very well until, much like the popular music industry, Hoshi starts up a simple and repetitive song that holds little to no musical value, but it wins him the big prize. The parallel to popular music irritated me because of the truth it reminded me of. Down on his luck, Recruit notices that the Metal Brothers are struggling to get around in the river. The Metal Brothers claim to be psychics that were captured by the government and they need to wear masks in order to prevent themselves from being discovered. Recruit teaches them how to swim sparking the Mayor to suggest that he become the teacher for the children of the bridge. Recruit sees this as a great way to try to instill some common sense into the people who drive him crazy with their craziness on a daily basis. I really like the idea of Recruit being a teacher because we will get an even more direct look at the differences in what his world and this world view as correct socially speaking.

Recruit can't get too mad at his students.

Recruit can’t get too mad at his students.









Current Opinion of the Show:

If you have come this far in the series and you still don’t like Arakawa Under the Bridge, you may want to reassess why you decided to watch it. The characters are settling into their roles, the main story is getting good development, and the humor is what it is. What we have now is basically what we are going to get and I personally love it. Episode seven, here we come.

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