Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 07

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Even as a teacher, Recruit feels like he can’t get through to anyone. Only the Metal Brothers and Nino show up to his first class and Nino is only there because Recruit is there. Recruit gives up on the common sense training and attempts to teach everyone science which can be very fun. Then, Stella tries to take over the class by becoming the leader through strength. Luckily, some fun class projects keep her tame while Recruit begins to almost give up on this whole thing. P-Ko attempts to get a driver’s license which gives Recruit even more trouble. I am starting to feel as though Recruit will not make it through this show due to stress. Things start to cool down for Recruit as P-Ko convinces the Mayor to get a haircut. Unfortunately, P-Ko gets worried as it is revealed that her true craziness is rooted in her obsessive love for the Mayor. Not just anyone can love a man who thinks he is a kappa. The truly interesting thing is that recruit begins to question what is truly common sense. Is it really so odd to provide for others without asking for more than you need? Is the concept of capitalism not a little bit odd? Is it really weird to think that you are a kappa? Actually the last one is weird, but the other two spark an interesting debate. Our question asking puts on the breaks as some of Kou’s subordinates from work show up to the village.

Do not let P-Ko drive.

Do not let P-Ko drive.









Current Opinion of the Show:

We are really getting somewhere with Recruit questioning which world is the crazy one. The best part is the fact that a confrontation with Recruit’s old world is coming up and that really excites me. I am looking forward to some bad acting in the next episode.

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