Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 08

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The confrontation is here and he humor does not disappoint. Kou employs the other residents to aid him in a corporate charade and Maria is fairly good at lying. Shiro, who is obsessed with laying down white chalk lines, is even better because he used to be a salary man and he even accidentally seduces Kou’s female employee Shimazaki. Things go well until Nino refuses to lie and proclaims that she is Kou’s girlfriend. Takai, who worked directly under Kou, is distraught and spouts extremely creepy issues with Nino. This convinces Takai that he must stay with Kou and he and Hoshi start a makeshift alliance. When the two question the relationship between Recruit and Nino, Nino kisses Recruit for the first time in order to calm down the doubters. I love the many reactions that came along with this big time act. Recruit is ridiculously¬†embarrassed, Takai is relieved and leaves, and Hoshi jumps into the river in protest. I loved this moment, but we got our classic bit of conflict when the episode ends on Shimazaki revealing this village life to Kou’s father that refuses to let his son bring such dishonor to the family name.

The kiss that rustled some jimmies.

The kiss that rustled some jimmies.








Current Opinion of the Show:

We finally got the kiss and I love it. I am a man who loves to ship and I am used to waiting years for such an anime landmark. We should all be looking forward to seeing what Kou’s father does to get his son away from Nino and the village.

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